Advanced Kirlian Energy Photography

Everything in nature radiates. This radiation, whether from a human being or biological material, is closely connected to its vital energy. It is impossible to discern this energy optically with the human eye. Then the scientist Dr. Dieter Knapp further developed a form of electrographic photography which was initially discovered by a Ukrainian couple named Kirlian and which made photography of energy fields possible. Using this advanced technique, dried Spirulina algae of the same quality was packed in different containers, stored for four weeks and then photographed. Advanced Kirlian photography by Dr. Dieter Knapp

(figure A)

(figure B)

The sample stored in MIRON violetglass (figure B) displayed an intense and dynamic energy field. In contrast, the quality of the energy from Spirulina stored in amber glass (figure A) or plastic had clearly changed and showed a less valuable emission pattern.